The Technology

The XRT Token

The Crowdloan Reward

  • < 1% of supply (< 100,000 XRT)
  • 1 XRT:1 KSM ratio (up to 100,000 XRT)
  • Assumed 48 week long lease (Robonomics has expressed a desire for a 2-year slot but the maximum allowed on Kusama is 48 weeks)
  • 25% of XRT reward liquid on launch, 75% disbursed after Robonomics parachain launch (2–4 weeks after winning the slot)
  • 50% annual return increase for staked XRT for 2 years
  • Not competing for the first slot. Will compete for slots 3–6.

Overall Evaluation

Round 2+ Parachain Slot Auction Competitors

Round 1 Parachain Slot Auction Winners



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Adam Steeber

Adam Steeber

My focus as a writer is non-fiction, though I do dabble in fiction. I want to create content that comes from the passion of my mind. I seek to illuminate truth.