The Technology

Schematic of a mint and a transfer transaction


  • the ‘A’ indexes the type of token, e.g. KSM;
  • the ‘1’ subscript indexes the public address PAddrA1 and the quantity being deposited.
  • the asset id. “CoinA;”
  • the number of public coins deposited;
  • the commitment scheme k;
  • the cm1 seed s; and
  • the commitment scheme cm1.
  • CMList is a ledger of all non-interactive commitment schemes which is updated to include cm1;
  • VNList is a ledger of all published void numbers which prevent any double spending;
  • #pCoinA is the sum of all A-type private coins in the ledger.


  • the ledger state;
  • the void number associated with the sender’s private coin;
  • cm2; and
  • a non-interactive zero-knowledge (NIZK or zkSNARK) proof that ensures the sender knows necessary information to submit such a transaction.

The KMA Token

The Crowdloan Reward

  • Up to 30% of the total token supply, i.e. 3 billion KMA
  • 10,000:1 KMA to KSM ratio
  • 1 billion and 100k KSM loan cap for slot 6 (will not win)
  • 2 billion and 200k KSM loan cap for slot 7 (likely the case)
  • 3 billion and 300k KSM loan cap for slot 8 or later
  • 34% of crowdloan rewards liquid upon launch, remaining 66% will be vested every 8 weeks linearly until end of lease

Overall Evaluation

Round 2+ Parachain Slot Auction Competitors

Round 1 Parachain Slot Auction Winners



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